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List of Upcoming Elections in India

Upcoming Elections in India are by far the most crucial component of a democracy, as they determine who will rule India for next 5 years. The year 2022 will see seven elections, the biggest crucial of which will be in Uttar Pradesh, that will deliver the greatest MPs to legislature.

Elections to the President of India, Vice President of India, by-elections to the Lok Sabha, election campaigns to the Rajya Sabha, election campaigns to government regulatory compositions of 8 (eight) nations, by-elections to state legislatures components, and countless other elections and by-elections to province legislatures councils and municipal bodies all will take place in India in 2022.

2022 Upcoming Indian Presidential Election

The Indian presidential elections of 2022 will be the country’s 17th presidential elections. At the moment of the elections, Ram Nath Kovind is likely to be the current president. The President of India is required by Article 56(1) of the Constitution of India to serve for a duration of five years. Following the expiration of President Kovind’s term, an election to fulfill the vacancy is supposed to be held.

Presidential Elections – Upcoming Election in India

According to Article 58 of the Constitution of India, the President and Vice President of India should be Indian nationals by birth and should be at least 35 years of age. Applicants for the president often pursue nominations from one of the political groups, after which every organization implements a procedure (including a primary elections) to select the contender it believes is most prepared to stand for the office. Historically, primary contests are indirect elections in which people vote for a list of team representatives who have committed their support to a specific contender. The representatives of the parties then choose a member running on the party’s behalf.

The general election in July is also an indirect vote, in which people vote for a list of Elective College representatives, who then pick the president and vice president immediately.

2022 Indian Vice-Presidential Election

The Vice President of India is appointed for a five-year term, according to Article 56(1) of the Constitution of India. Following the tenure of Vice President Venkaiah Naidu’s expiration, an election to replace the position is anticipated to be held in August 2022. The Vice President is chosen by an election system consisting of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha representatives. Representatives of the stated parties who have been elected also are able to vote in an election. Secret ballot counting is used.

Elections to the Indian Rajya Sabha will be held in 2022.

The Rajya Sabha elections will be held during 2022 to select the retiring representatives of the Indian Legislature’s upper chamber, the Rajya Sabha. Because the union state is now under President’s control and the parliament has been disbanded, polls to the four empty posts from Jammu and Kashmir also weren’t conducted in February.

Here you can find the list of upcoming elections in India in 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2026.

Chief Election Commissioner Sushil Chandra asserted that the Election Commission is confident in holding the five assembly polls scheduled for early next year. The Legislative Assembly Election of Goa, Manipur, Punjab and Uttarakhand will end in March 2022. Meanwhile, the term of Uttar Pradesh’s legislative assembly will end in May. Different political parties are already preparing for the Assembly Elections of five States that will take place next year. The Central Election Commission also began brainstorming about preparations for the forthcoming elections. The meeting focused on the topic of polls next year and was discussed.

BJP has five state governors, while Congress has a government in Punjab. The Central Election Commission faces a major challenge in conducting elections in such a large country, especially during Corona. Panchayat elections don’t have party symbols. However, major political parties saw this as a test run for the 2022 assembly elections. The BJP started preparations in 2019 to ensure a positive outcome. They had already posted district and regional in-charges to prepare and trained booth committee members. To remove any threat of nepotism, the party made it a point not to issue tickets to the kin ministers, MLAs or party officials.

Upcoming Elections in India:

S. NoStateTenureYearTotal ACTotal PCTotal Rajyasabha
1Goa15 Mar, 2017 – 14 Mar, 202220224021
2Manipur15 Mar, 2017 – 14 Mar, 202220226021
3Punjab16 Mar, 2017 – 15 Mar, 20222022117137
4Uttar Pradesh19 May, 2017 – 18 Mar, 202220224038031
5Uttarakhand18 Mar, 2017 – 17 Mar, 202220227053
6GujaratDec 2017 – Dec 202220221822611
7Himachal PradeshDec 2017- Dec 202220226843
8Meghalaya6 March, 2018 – 5 March, 202320236021
9Nagaland6 March, 2018 – 5 March, 202320236011
10Tripura14 March, 2018 – 13 March, 202320236021
11Karnataka29 May, 2018 – 28 May, 202320232242812
12Chhattisgarh11 Dec, 2018 – 10 Dec, 2023202390115
13Madhya Pradesh10 Dec, 2018 – 07 Jan, 202320232302911
14Mizoram16 Dec, 2018 – 15 Dec, 202320234011
15Rajasthan10 Dec, 2018 – 20 Jan, 202320232002510
16Telangana10 Dec, 2018 – 10 Dec, 20232023119177
17Sikkim28 May, 2019 – 27 May, 202420243211
18Andhra Pradesh15 Jun, 2019 – 18 Jun, 202420241752511
19Arunachal Pradesh02 June, 2019 – 01 June, 202420246021
20Odisha12 June, 2019 -11 June, 202420241472110
21Haryana27 Oct, 2019 – 26 Oct, 2024202490105
22Maharashtra28 Nov, 2019 – 27 Nov, 202420242884819
23Jharkhand29 Dec, 2019 – 28 Dec, 2024202481146
24Delhi16 Feb, 2020 – 15 Feb, 202520257073
25Bihar20 Nov, 2015 – 19 Nov, 202020252434016
26Assam24 May, 2021 – 23 May, 20262026126147
27Kerala25 May, 2021 – 24 May, 20262026140209
28Puducherry23 May, 2021 – 22 May, 202620263011
29Tamil Nadu23 May, 2021 – 22 May, 202620262343918
30West Bengal27 May, 2021 – 26 May, 202620262944216


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